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At Crimcorp Defence Lawyers we office a wide range of Criminal Law and Conveyancing services including, 
Assualt Offences, Bail Application, Criminal Law, Domestic Violence, Conveyancing,
 Drink and Driving Offences, Drug Offences,
Rape Lawyers, Sex Offences and Traffic Offences.

Crimcorp Defence Lawyers are Criminal Defence specialists, housing a number of experienced solicitors. As Criminal Law is so diverse it is common for certain lawyers to specialise in certain areas. No matter what your issue may be, we have someone with a great deal of experience to help.

Domestic Violence Cases

  • Stalking;
  • Breach of Intervention Order;
  • Breach of Intervention Order Intending to Cause Harm or Fear.

Have you been charged with stalking, assaulting or harassing your partner or ex-partner, or a neighbour or associate? Have you been charged with breaching the terms of an Intervention Order?

These matters are now taken very seriously by the Courts. We can help.

Is it extremely important that you are represented by an experienced Sydney criminal defence lawyer. Crimcorp Lawyers, will provide you with expert advice about whether you may have a defence, and about the type of preparation required to achieve the best possible outcome if you are going to plead guilty.

Family Violence now has a very broad definition. It is defined in section 5 of the Family Violence Protection Act and includes physical, emotional, psychological and financial abuse and threatening, coercive and dominating behaviour, among other things.

A charge of Breaching an Intervention Order carries a maximum of two years jail, and a charge of Beaching an Intervention Order intending or knowing that your behaviour could cause physical or mental harm to, or an apprehension of fear in the person who is the subject of the order carries a maximum penalty of five years jail.

You need an experienced criminal defence lawyer to represent you to help you avoid a jail term.

Our Sydney criminal defence lawyers have many years of experience in representing people charged with Breaching Intervention Orders, and we will ensure you receive the best possible result with a personalised, non judgmental approach.

Assault Offences

  • Causing Serious Injury Recklessly in Circumstances of Gross Violence;
  • Intentionally Causing Serious Injury;
  • Intentionally or Recklessly Causing Injury;
  • Recklessly Causing Serious Injury;
  • Affray;
  • Common Assault (also called Unlawful Assault);
  • Armed Robbery;
  • Aggravated Burglary;
  • Murder and Manslaughter.

We can help.

Assault charges vary significantly in their level of seriousness, and can attract very different sentences. Contact our Sydney criminal defence lawyers to discuss your matter.

In NSW some violent offences now carry mandatory minimum jail terms.

Where the court has discretion regarding the sentence they may impose, they take into account a number of factors including:

  • your age,
  • whether you have any prior convictions or findings of guilt,
  • the circumstances of the offence,
  • your role in the offence.

Thorough preparation is crucial for your effective representation. At Crimcorp Lawyers, our experienced criminal defence lawyers use their expertise as experienced and passionate criminal lawyers to ensure you get the best result possible. Contact us now so that one of our criminal defence lawyers can start preparing your case.

Conveyancing Services

We know that moving house can be one of life’s most stressful experiences, but we are here to prove that it does not need to be. Our friendly and efficient team are Conveyancing specialists and offer a wealth of knowledge in property law, ensuring that you are in safe hands.

Whether you need help with buying and selling property, re-mortgaging, estate planning, or transfer of equity, the team here at Crimcorp Defence Lawyers should always be your first port of call.

Criminal Law

• Theft;
• Blackmail;
• Making false statements;
• Obtaining financial advantage/property by deception;
• Possessing the proceeds of crime;
• Handle stolen goods;
• Armed robbery;
• Burglary.
If you have been charged with dishonesty offences, you should contact our team of criminal defence lawyers immediately. You need an experienced Sydney criminal defence lawyer to represent you.
Dishonesty offences are punishable by imprisonment. A criminal record for dishonesty offences can affect your future employment prospects.
With our team of criminal defence lawyers many years of experience practicing in criminal law in the Supreme Court of NSW, County Court of NSW and Sydney Magistrates’ Court and other Magistrates’ Courts throughout NSW Crimcorp Lawyers will ensure your case is thoroughly analysed, prepared and presented for the best possible outcome.

The seriousness of an offence depends on a number of factors which include:
• The value of the items/money involved;
• Your role in the alleged offences;
• Whether any breach of trust is involved;
• Whether the offence took place over a lengthy time frame.

Drug Offences

• Possession;
• Trafficking;
• Importation;
• Cultivation;
• Manufacturing.

Have you been charged with Possession, Cultivation, Trafficking, Manufacturing or Importing heroin, methamphetamine, MDMA, cannabis or any other illicit substance?
We can help.

Our criminal defence lawyers are experienced in dealing with cases involving drugs, from Possession of a small amount to Cultivating, Trafficking or Importing commercial and large commercial quantities.
How serious are these charges?
The seriousness of drug related charges depends on a number of matters including
• the amount of the substance in question;
• the circumstances in which the drugs were found;
• the length of time the offence is said to have been taking place for;
• the purpose for which the drugs are said to be used.

All of these issues need to be thoroughly investigated to achieve the best result for you.
A criminal record for drug offences can affect your employment prospects and your ability to travel overseas.
Some drug offences relating to commercial (Cth) and large commercial quantities (Vic) of drugs carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The team of criminal defence lawyers at Crimcorp Lawyers in Sydney can provide you with expert legal advice and representation in this area.
Contact Crimcorp Lawyers now so that we can begin to prepare your case.

Traffic Offences - Criminal Legal Advice

Have you been charged with:

• Dangerous Driving in Sydney;
• Driving Whilst Disqualified/Suspended in Sydney;
• Unlicensed Driving in Sydney;
• Speeding offences in Sydney;
• Driving an Unregistered Motor Vehicle in Sydney.

We can help.
Crimcorp Defence Lawyers will help you navigate the complex laws and regulations in this area and fight to get you the best result.
Our Sydney criminal lawyers know how important your licence is to you. We will fight hard to keep any mandatory licence suspension to an absolute minimum.
Traffic laws in Sydney are complex. In NSW, a finding of guilt for a driving offence can have significant consequences. Your vehicle could be impounded or forfeited and you could lose your licence.
You may have a defence.
You need an experienced Sydney criminal lawyer to analyse the brief of evidence in your case and properly advise you about whether you have a defence to a driving charge. Our criminal defence lawyers in Sydney are experts at assessing the evidence against you, in light of your instructions, and determining whether a defence is open to you.
It is important to note that in Sydney some traffic offences are punishable by imprisonment. You need an experienced Sydney criminal lawyer to properly present your case at court in order for you to obtain the best possible outcome.
Contact one of our experienced criminal defence lawyers on 9670 0688 or email us at info@crimcorp.com.au to make an appointment with an experienced and empathetic lawyer today.
Contact us to discuss your case as soon as you can.

If you’re looking for a driving offence lawyer, contact us today for advice on traffic offences & drink driving charges.

Drink & Driving Offences

Drink driving in NSW is taken very seriously and the penalties are getting tougher. In NSW it is getting increasingly difficult for offenders to avoid having their drivers licence suspended for a considerable amount of time. If you have been issued with an infringement notice or charged with a drink driving offence it is important to contact one of our experienced Sydney drink driving lawyers immediately. Our drink driving lawyers will take you through and explore all your options.

The drink driving laws in NSW are very strict and now carry penalties of minimum mandatory licence loss periods. If you have a reading of a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .07 or more you will need to attend court and successfully defend your matter should you wish to keep your drivers licence.


There are circumstances where police are able to suspend your licence immediately, pursuant to s.51 Road Safety Act 1986, this is also known as a Notice of Immediate Suspension. An offender will usually be issued with a Notice of Immediate Suspension in circumstances where the offender’s BAC reading is .10 or more; where an offender is under the age of 26 and produced a BAC reading of .07 or more; the offender has failed to comply with a request by NSW Police to undergo a breath test; and various other circumstances. If you have been served with a Notice of Immediate suspension contact our team of experienced drink driving lawyers urgently.

Bail Application

If you, a family member or a friend has been remanded in custody or where there is a application for revocation of bail, the Criminal defence lawyers at Crimcorp lawyers can help. In NSW bail laws are complex and any application for bail requires careful and thorough preparation.

You will need an experienced lawyer to help you understand what needs to be done to give you, your friend or relative the best chance of being granted bail. Our team of experienced criminal defence lawyers will be able to guide you through the process and what is required in preparation for an application for bail in Sydney.

The experienced criminal defence lawyers at Crimcorp Lawyers appear regularly in Indictable and Summary Bail Applications and can advise you about the necessary preparation. Contact our team of experienced criminal defence lawyers now so that we can begin to prepare an Application.