Meet The Team

Principal Solicitor

Oussama Elfawal

Crimcorp Defence Lawyers Principal Solicitor Oussama is highly passionate and dedicated to fighting injustice and giving back to the community. Oussama completed a bachelor of psychology in 2010. In that time he was exposed to imbalance in the criminal justice system particularly in relation to the conduct of investigators and accessibility to justice for minorities. He then obtained a bachelor of law in early 2015 and was accredited by the Supreme Court of NSW on 10 October 2015. Since that time he has dedicated himself to his clients ensuring they achieve the best outcomes accross all jurisdictions no matter the circumstances. In January of 2019 He started Crimcorp Defence Lawyers which now boasts multiple office locations and an abundance of experienced staff members.


Mostafa Daoudie

Mostafa Daoudie, Solicitor and Partner at Crimcorp Defence Lawyers. Mr Daoudie works exclusively in Criminal Law and specialises in this area of law. With no case too big or too small, Mr Daoudie’s deep knowledge of the Criminal Justice System has always lead him to make sure he always achieves outstanding results in and out of court. Getting charges dropped early with considerable amount of preparation, analysis of the evidence integrated with his vigorous defence in court will always make sure his clients are one step ahead of the prosecution. Growing up in adversity as a child, life challenged him to the point of mastering maturity, responsibility and determination. These characteristics are conveyed in Mr Daoudie’s dedication to his clients and ultimately drive him to ensure all matters, under his carriage, end in successful outcomes.


Karen Asal

Karen Asal, is a Solicitor at Crimcorp Defence Lawyers. With a passion for working in Criminal Defence Law, Karen’s main incentive is to help those who are falsely accused of a crime as everyone's right to liberty deserves to be protected.
Karen’s passion is showcased through her work and dedication towards receiving the best possible outcome and always putting the client’s best interest first.
Her favourite thing about being a part of the Crimcorp team is, the work culture and working alongside others who share the same passion and possess extensive knowledge of the legal system. When she is not working she is enjoying her time outdoors and going to the beach on the weekends!


Mohamad Sakr


Imad Elfawal

Imad Elfawal is a Paralegal at Crimcorp Defence Lawyers. Imad is currently studying Bachelor of Law at Western Sydney University. His key inspiration to join the Law Industry has been a result of his exposure to Criminal Lawyers working hard to ensure clients are not victims of injustice. As a future Solicitor, Imad’s main goal will be to practise law where the clients best interest is the only thing at heart. Imad loves working at Crimcorp Defence Lawyers due to the great deal of experience and knowledge his fellow team mates are able to share with him and continually pass on their knowledge and experiences. When he is not at work, Imad is enjoying his time spending time with friends and family.


Yousef Daoudie

Yousef Daoudie, is a Paralegal at Crimcorp Defence Lawyers. Yousef has always had interest in the Australian Legal System and his passion towards advocating on behalf of those who are unable to do so is what led him into the Criminal Justice System. Growing up, Yousef witnessed injustice within the legal system and made it his goal to help others to ensure they were treated fairly and unbiased. Yousef is currently completing his Bachelor of Law Degree and is working hard towards his Admission to Practice and would like to specialise in all aspects of Criminal Law. He enjoys assisting the team at Crimcorp Defence lawyers on a day to day basis in case preparation, managing the operation and assisting that the satisfaction of the clients are met. When he is not working hard towards achieving his goals he spends his time fishing and studying!


Malake Zahab

Malake Zahab is a Paralegal at Crimcorp Defence Lawyers. Malake is currently studying a double degree of Law and Criminology at Western Sydney University. Her love for the continuously evolving and diverse Law Industry is what lead her to choose a profession in Law. She enjoys working alongside the team at Crimcorp Defence Lawyers and the learning experience and opportunity to grow within the Law Firm to achieve her career goals to become a Solicitor. When she is not at work she is studying and working hard to achieve her goals, watching sunrises at the beach and spending time with family and friends!


Khaled Dib